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Identification of automotive glass
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According to experts, automotive glass two, front side windows are laminated glass, tempered glass.
The windscreen must pass the national certification, and in a prominent position paste like "3C" logo and encoding. Need to be reminded, qualified product identification with a blade is difficult to scrape, and and inferior products that scrape it off; at the same time, qualified edges of broken glass is relatively smooth, and shoddy glass very sharp.
In addition, the qualified automotive glass surface is very smooth, no uneven phenomenon. "In addition to be very careful in the choice, the installation of automotive glass is a luxurious." Experts also stressed that the automotive glass installation must through strict process, suggested that the owners understand some basic glass installation safety knowledge, in replacement of the glass, it's best to see one eye, ask a sentence, because it is in relation to the owner of the safe.

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