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Automotive glass installation notes
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In the installation of automotive glass must choose a regular installation shop, so as not to leave a security risk. At present, the automobile glass installation must go through 15 processes, there are two main ways, that is, the adhesive method and the adhesive strip. The former is mainly used for medium and high grade vehicles, which are used for large passenger cars and commercial vehicles.
The installation process also need to pay attention to small details: prior to installation of glass dry wash, car bumper around to clean, to avoid impurities leads to insecure bonding; glass installed, through instrument and test to detect whether to better sealing performance, no leakage, no ventilation etc..
However, the fake glass even the correct installation will also be dangerous, and if it is genuine glass, if not professional installation, no sense. In order to make the safety glass effect is guaranteed, the Ministry of labor and social security has also announced the "auto glass repair industry to become a new career, consumers in the choice of auto glass repair operator, do not forget the other operators of the professional qualification confirmation.
Must be before and after the car windscreen installed firmly, especially front and rear windscreen bonding strength to high, to avoid the secondary damage caused by the occupants; if it is with glue, within 24 hours do not wash the car, do not have to run high-speed as smooth running, walk less bumpy road, avoid by all means is removed the glass fixing the cable, to avoid shifting the glass; the installation position of the automobile glass to accurately.

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