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Characteristics of laminated glass
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Laminated glass is sandwich transparent adhesive material between two or more than two pieces of glass, with high temperature and high pressure to bond and composite glass products, is a very high impact resistance and heat insulation and sound insulation performance of safety glass products. Building with laminated glass and ordinary laminated glass and laminated tempered glass, mainly using PVB film as an intermediate layer of dry hot pressing production, is one of the compulsory certification of China National Certification and Accreditation Management Committee of safety glass products. In the purchase of products, should pay attention to the following aspects:
Look look quality
Check the appearance quality of the product, laminated glass should be crack, degumming; the length or width of the edge of blasting should not over the glass thickness; scratch and galling should not affect the use of; the middle layer of the bubble, impurities or other observable opaque material defects should not be more than GB-9962 standards.
In the use of the process, should try to avoid the impact of external forces, especially tempered laminated glass to avoid the impact of the tip of the force. Clean the glass note don't scratch or abrasion, abrasion of the surface of the glass, so as not to affect the the optical performance, safety performance and beautiful appearance. Laminated glass should be used in the installation of neutral gel, no contact with acid gel.
Check certificate
Since 2003 to carry out safety glass product certification, the majority of architectural laminated glass production enterprises through the certification of products, enterprises must screen printing or paste 3C logo on the sale of a product ontology, or in the smallest outer packaging and with the attached documents such as certificate of conformity) and Shi 3C signs. The purchase of products first to check whether a 3C logo, and according to the enterprise information, factory number or product certification and other through the network view to buy products whether in the enterprise has passed the compulsory certification, certification is valid.

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